Nanoco INCREDIBLE TECHNOLOGY In 2019 I led the creative for the latest Annual Report for Nanoco, one of the world's leading nanotechnology pioneers. With clients like Nanoco, the major challenge is always to find a way to tell a complex story simply. For Nanoco, I developed a visual that allowed them to demonstrate their expertise… Read More


Spirent THE MOST IMPORTANT COMPANY YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF Spirent carry out testing of mobile and wired networks for most of the world's telecomms companies. Crucially, they make sure we can communicate in the digital world. In 2019 I was part of the pitch team that won this FTSE 250 reporting project from a major… Read More


Renewi NEW BUSINESS, NEW BRAND My long standing client at Wardour merged with another company to create one of Europe's largest recycling companies, Renewi. I led the creative to develop the brand and apply it to employee, stakeholder and corporate comms projects. In the run up to launch, I led the creative team in creating… Read More

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