Art director
Film maker

creating compelling narratives

In nearly 20 years in the corporate creative sector I have developed a reputation for delivering concept visuals that successfully sell agencies’ services to new clients, and for developing client relationships to create ever more compelling narratives.

In the past 18 months my visuals have been key to winning new business totalling around £250,000 per year, and throughout my career my client relationships have typically lasted around 5 years.


Whether you need support for a single pitch, to take a project from initial brief to completion, or just to help with some layouts; as a contractor or as part of your team, I’m flexible.

Creating compelling visuals using corporate content.

Real-world concepts that scale to multiple formats and channels.

Bringing old-school skills to modern communications needs.

The feedback has been universal pleasure and joy. The treatment, the colours, the gradients, the imagery and above all the video has people purring.

Chief Financial Officer, Renewi plc

...the Annual Report is a real credit to your hard work and diligence. In fact, I think it is of such a standard and quality that we should enter it for an award this year.

Chief Executive, Balfour Beatty plc

The video is a simple story which communicates a much more complex set of products & services. The visuals are perfect and tell the story on their own.

Chief Executive, Barclays Wealth

The microsite is the best thing Royal London has delivered in a very long time.

Chief Executive, Royal London