In 2019 I led the creative for the latest Annual Report for Nanoco, one of the world’s leading nanotechnology pioneers. With clients like Nanoco, the major challenge is always to find a way to tell a complex story simply.

For Nanoco, I developed a visual that allowed them to demonstrate their expertise and connect that to a real-world application on the same set of spreads. As Jennifer Aniston used to say, “here comes the science bit…”


The feature spreads take a particular aspect of Nanoco’s technology platform and use diagrams to showcase the science, with a payoff in lay terms to explain the real-world advantage the technology creates.

The design takes a significant departure from previous years, to create a distinctive, more grown-up corporate brand, which was reflected in their new website design later in the year.

Behind the scenes

As part of the project I directed a shoot in Manchester and Runcorn. We were given access to research and manufacturing facilities and were able to create some complex setups using multiple people. Everyone was delighted with the results.

Ed Tyler
Nanoco Annual Report 2019

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